Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA)* promotes the internationalization of Hawaii through four basic objectives:

  • Aid in the development of a framework for internationalization.
  • Focus and oversee the State’s international efforts.
  • Foster cooperative relationships between the state and countries throughout the world.
  • Heighten public awareness in Hawaii and abroad of the importance of our island-state’s international role.

The OIA supports and promotes policies and programs to advance international partnerships and relationships in order to foster economic, political, cultural and educational relationships between Hawaii and strategic alliances overseas. OIA’s strategy is to collaborate with private organizations and governments to deliver international programs and services that support trade and economic development. Activities and initiatives include protocol and diplomatic matters, sister-state activities, international literacy promotion among the citizens of Hawaii (current and future workforce), foreign investment attraction to Hawaii, clearinghouse of international activities, intra-agency coordinator of international activities with the Executive and Legislative branches of government.

The OIA functions by leveraging existing relationships in Hawaii and overseas to expand initiatives that support and promote global trade, economic and workforce development.