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DBEDT is creating the Made in Hawaiʻi portal. At no cost to Hawaiʻi companies, we will list your product on the Made in Hawaiʻi site.

  • The Made in Hawaiʻi site is open to all manufacturers and marketplaces of Made in Hawaiʻi products with online shopping, as well as restaurant listings and farm delivery services.
  • However, only products that meet the requirements to be labeled Made in Hawaiʻi set forth in §486-119, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), may be posted on the Made in Hawaiʻi portal site.
  • Companies listing on the Made in Hawaiʻi portal site should have at least 75% of their total product offering being made in Hawaiʻi, as defined by  §486-119, HRS.
  • Made in Hawaiʻi labeling requirements are contained in §486-119, HRS. Misrepresenting a product as being from Hawaii that does not meet the requirements of §486-119, HRS, is punishable by law.


  • Submit one photo and a one sentence description of the featured product(s), a representative photo of your website, and attestation that the product meets the requirements in §486-119, HRS, using the online Participant Registration form
  • Companies may sell more products, but should have at least 75% of their total product offering being made in Hawaii, as per §486-119, HRS.
  • Once you submit your registration form, your listing will be reviewed and if approved, uploaded to the portal site. We will notify you via email when your listing goes live.
  • If you have any questions, please contact DBEDT by email at


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