The Business Action Center noted in the previous section has a wealth of information and forms available for obtaining a general excise tax license, registering a trade name and employer registration, required permits for State, County and Federal Government agencies, counseling and workshops offered by other business resource programs, alternative financing, government procurement and other useful information to make your small business dreams a reality.

Business Express
Automates the process of registering your business through one simple interface providing all the forms with all the state agencies and partners.

If your business will be constructing any facilities, you will need the required permits. The Departments of Planning and Permitting in each of Hawaii’s four counties are responsible for their respective county’s long-range planning, community planning efforts, administration and enforcement of ordinances and regulations governing the development and use of land, various codes pertaining to the construction of buildings, and county standards and regulations pertaining to infrastructure requirements.

In addition, each county’s Department of Planning offers technical advice to the County’s Mayor, County Council and commissions; proposes zoning legislation; drafts updates to the County General Plans, and Community Plans; presents reports & recommendations on development proposals; and oversees programs on cultural resources, census and geographic information, flood plain permits and other special projects and permits, and more.

Here are the Planning & Permitting department links for each of the counties.
City & County of Honolulu
County of Maui
County of Kauai
Hawaii County