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Buy Hawaiʻi Give Aloha is now Made in Hawaiʻi. We are continuing to offer the same free portal highlighting Hawaiʻi-made products and brands. When you buy from Made In Hawaiʻi companies, your money stays here at home, supporting local businesses, creating jobs and strengthening our island economy.

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Made in Hawaiʻi 2024 presents

Your Future in E-Commerce

Immediate solutions to build resilience and expand your markets

Held on: Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Find curated collections of local vendors and Hawaiʻi-made products.

Local Food

Discover local restaurants, farmers and food services.

Hawaii Products

From snacks to apparel, shop Made in Hawaiʻi companies by category.

Showcasing Hawaiʻi businesses and brands

Made in Hawaiʻi supports local businesses by providing a free platform for kama‘aina and visitors to find their favorite brands and discover new products.

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Made in Hawaiʻi 2023

Branding Workshop

Learn about the Made In Hawaiʻi branding project from last year’s Branding Workshop!

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