Community-Based Economic Development

Helping communities by helping businesses


CBED logo - community-based economic developmentMission Statement

Successful community-based economic development integrates viable economic projects to promote a community’s vision for its future health and quality of life.

The CBED program provides training and capacity building opportunities to promote, support, and invest in community-based development projects that result in measurable economic impact. 

What we do – Loans to help businesses

CBED offers loans to eligible small businesses that support economic development in their communities.  We strive to help small businesses to develop viable, sustainable business ventures that serve local needs and are compatible with the vision, character and cultural values of their communities.

Grants are now available to non-profits for technical assistance in applying for federal grants.

The CBED program can support a broad range of small businesses including:

  • Agricultural producers
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Health/organic food stores
  • Hydroponics and aquaculture businesses

Loans may be used for:

  • Start-up costs and working capital
  • Construction or improvement of facilities
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Payment of production and marketing expenses including materials, labor and services

Term:  Up to 10 years

Interest Rate:  Simple interest at 3 – 6% per annum


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