Study Hawaii Ambassador Program

Hawaii is fortunate to host a sizeable number of student excursion groups, summer camps and short-term visitation from K-12 students, as well as tertiary students. The numbers of these students are estimated at 20,000+. These students visit local schools as well as educational, historical and cultural sites. As a result, they become well aware of the various educational offerings and institutions available in Hawaii, and are inclined to share their experiences, be it by word of mouth or through social media.

These student groups primarily come from the countries identified as priority markets for Hawaii: Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

Accordingly, DBEDT and Study Hawaii have implemented a Study Hawaii Ambassador Program as a means to activate its many student visitors into student ambassadors. The goal will be to get these ambassadors to spread the word about Hawaii as an educational destination, either by word of mouth, or by feeding social media and networks. This approach spreads the word on Hawaii with authentic peer-to-peer, often viral, multiple channel distribution of information about Hawaii as a study destination.

Ambassadors will be awarded a certificate and a backpack deputizing them as Ambassadors.

Certificate and Backpack


Participation is open to Eligible Sponsors of visiting student groups: such as school travel provider.

Qualified organizers of school groups may need to be in compliance with Hawaii Compliance Express and registration to do business in Hawaii.

  1. Schools in 9-12 grades and tertiary student groups as priority, younger grades on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Sponsors bringing in 50 or more students for education related purposes (sports excluded).
  3. Sponsors who commit to provide a pre- and post-report of the visitation, to include, but not limited to itineraries, photos, publicity, and other results as an outcome of visit.
  4. A minimal cost may be assessed to defray expenses of “swag”.
  5. Provide a full list of students’ name. 



To register for the Study Hawaii Ambassador program, please complete the application form and email the form to