Why Study In Hawaii?

For more than two centuries, the islands of Hawaii have welcomed international visitors in the friendly spirit of  “Aloha.” Some have come as students to take advantage of our outstanding education and training facilities. Those who have studied in Hawaii have returned to pioneer changes in their own nations:  they have entered government service, become teachers or doctors, started their own businesses or used their Hawaii education to advance careers and move into leadership positions in their countries.

Continue the Hawaii educational tradition at one of our learning institutions. Chose from a variety of programs designed to meet a wide range of interests and needs. Advance your education and knowledge in a multi-cultural environment, while enjoying a traditional island lifestyle.

For more information about studying in Hawaii, please visit the Study Hawaii website http://www.studyhawaii.org/ that includes websites translated into Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages. If you are located in Beijing or Taipei, please visit our DBEDT oversea offices to speak with our staff.

Hawaii offers:

  • A healthy, safe, friendly environment
  • An exceptional quality of life
  • A multicultural atmosphere
  • Long-standing relationships in the Asia-Pacific region.