Zone Locations

Each county can select up to six zones at any time for approval by the Governor. Zones exist for 20 years each. Zones can also be expanded into adjacent eligible areas at any time for the remainder of the original zone’s 20-year existence. 19 zones currently exist statewide. All or part of the following areas have been designated on the dates indicated:

City and County of Honolulu

  1. Haleiwa and part of Waialua (the area immediately surrounding the old Waialua Sugar mill site): OCT. 1996.*
  2. Mililani Technology Park and parts of Wahiawa: OCT. 1996.
  3. Waipahu (old Oahu Sugar mill site), Pearl City (Manana parcel), Waipio (business park), and Waiawa: OCT. 1996 (All of Kapolei, and most of Campbell Industrial Park, Ewa, and Kunia were added to this zone in March of 1999.)
  4. Urban Honolulu (airport, Kalihi, Iwilei, downtown, Ala Moana): APRIL 2001.
  5. Leeward Oahu: APRIL 2001.

* This zone was expanded by the Legislature (effective 12/31/96) to include all agricultural lands in the Waialua district until June 30, 2002. In November of 1997, the Governor approved further expansion of this zone by the City and County of Honolulu to include parts of Pupukea and Mokuleia for the remainder of the original zone’s 20-year lifespan. The Governor also approved another expansion of this zone by the City and County in January, 2001, from Pupukea to Ka‘a‘awa on the windward side of Oahu. This expansion will also remain in effect for the rest of the original zone’s 20-year lifespan.

Hawaii County*

  1. Hamakua: OCT. 1994
  2. Hilo-Puna: OCT. 1994
  3. North Kona: OCT. 1994
  4. Ka‘u: MAY 1995
  5. South Kona: APR. 1996
  6. North Kohala: APR. 2000

* Note: On 12/18/01, expansion of all Big Island zones except Ka’u was approved by the Governor.

Kauai County

  1. Lihue and vicinity: MAY 1996
  2. North Shore: FEB. 1997
  3. Kapaa and vicinity: FEB. 1997
  4. South Central Kauai: APR. 1997
  5. West Kauai: APR. 1997

Maui County

  1. Molokai (entire island): JAN. 1997
  2. East Maui: APR. 2000
  3. Lanai (entire island): APR. 2000
  4. West Maui: MAY 2006
  5. Greater Maui: MAY 2006