Starting and Growing a Business in Hawaii during COVID-19


The decision to start a business is an exciting one! But it’s often a decision that brings a lot of questions as well. The Business Development and Support Division of the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) is here to assist you by providing information and links to available resources that all small businesses should become familiar with.

Perhaps the best place to start is with the State of Hawaii Business Action Center (BAC), a division within the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA). For over 20 years the BAC has assisted entrepreneurs with personal help needed to start a new business in Hawaii. They can help you with ensuring your business is up to date with registration, taxes, and other filing requirements. To streamline the process the BAC has provided great information on their website:

The staff at the BAC work closely with other State Departments such as the DCCA, Department of Taxation, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, and Hawaii Compliance Express. They are experts on the regulatory laws of Hawaii and can assist you in ensuring your business is compliant. Using their services allows you to focus on the operations of your business.

Once you’re ready to start a business, you’ll need to decide on what business structure is right for you. Each structure has its pros and cons and it’s important to understand them. While we’ve provided a short description of the most common types of business structures below, it may also be in your best interest to discuss this issue with an attorney who specializes in business set-up.

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