Educators on Aloha Mission Visit From Beijing and Guangdong

Posted on Apr 12, 2017 in Beijing, First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige, Guangdong, International Student Attraction, Study Hawaii Educational Consortium

Educators on Aloha MissionThe Beijing Office of DBEDT recruited and organized the Aloha Mission to Hawaii, a group of education officials from Beijing and Guangdong who visited schools on the Islands of Hawaii and Oahu from April 1-8, 2017.
“This visit highlighted Hawaii’s marketability within China’s education industry. DBEDT finds that these reverse missions are an effective way to promote Hawaii’s schools to a targeted group of educators,” said Dennis T. Ling, Administrator of DBEDT’s Business Development & Support Division.
On April 5, the Study Hawaii Educational Consortium hosted the delegation at the University of Hawaii’s Hawaiian Studies Center with a mini trade show of Study Hawaii partners followed by a networking reception. First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige welcomed the delegation and expressed appreciation for the group’s visit.
As a follow-up to the Aloha Mission, staff of DBEDT’s Beijing Office will continue the dialogue with the visiting educators to encourage future school visits to Hawaii by their respective institutions.