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Aligning Hawaiian Manufacturers with Supply Chain Solutions

We are excited to announce our first video release in Innovate Hawaii’s supply chain resiliency training series! Innovate Hawaii has partnered with Vessel to create supply chain educational content geared towards food manufacturers in Hawaii.

We interviewed Hawaii food manufacturers to identify topics of interest surrounding the supply chain. Our goal in this training series is to educate your team on these common topics and provide resources to empower food manufacturers in Hawaii currently and with future topics.

Our first video in this series is going to part one of our automation module, “An Introduction to Automation”. Any feedback you or your team have would be greatly appreciated and will be used to determine future topics to dig into. Please respond to

Check this video out now on Innovate Hawaii’s YouTube channel through this link: Click here to watch Please leave a like, subscribe to Innovate Hawaii’s YouTube channel, and leave a comment to let us know what you though or what you would like to see next.

We also have a handout document with additional information and tips on automation, check out the document here.

The next video in our training series is going to be part two of our automation module, “Quick WIns for Food Manufacturers” – this video will be available on February 15th, 2023.

Be sure to lookout for Innovate Hawaii’s short survey they will be sending out to gain feedback in regard to the video modules.

The remaining schedule for our video releases can be found below:

* Automation – Part 1 – 02/01/23 | Part 2 – 02/15/23
* Shipping – 03/01/23
* SCM Integration – 03/15/23
* Inventory Processes & Technology – Part 1 – 04/05/23 | Part 2 – 04/19/23
* Digital Transformation and Technology – 05/03/23
* Materials Management – Part 1 – 05/17/23 | Part 2 – 06/01/23
* Inventory Planning – Part 1 – 06/15/23 | Part 2 – 06/29/23


Innovate Hawaii Team

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