PBN: Experts to discuss putting innovation into your annual business plan at Honolulu event

Posted on Apr 22, 2015 in Business Of Exporting, News

PBN LogoJason Ubay
Pacific Business News

Innovation is not only for startups, and mature companies need to innovate and change with the times in order to survive. Retailers and business experts will discuss putting innovation into the business plans of mature companies at an event on April 23 at the YWCA of Oahu’s Laniakea headquarters in Honolulu.

The event is part of the Hawaii Pacific Export Council’s Business of Exporting program.

Speakers include Robbie Melton, executive director and CEO of High Technology Development Corp.; Michael Tam, CEO, Martin & MacArthur; Jamie DeFay Collins, founder of Sirensong Wetsuits; and Paul Lister.

Michael Sacharski, chairman of Hawaii Pacific Export Council, said that the event will focus on innovation in more mature, track-record proven companies.

The event will also talk about re-engineering, which is the process of reconfiguring a company’s current assets to improve its value.

“There may be a few new assets added, but the company’s new mainframe is made up of previous components,” Sacharski said.

He believes that both innovation and company re-engineering will be essential business survival skilsl for the first half the 21st century in order to keep pace with rapid changes in demographics, technology and regulations.

“Amidst this change a company has to keep it core values and mission intact, but will stay relevant to the market with timely doses of innovation or company re-engineering,” Sacharski said.

The event will be held at the YWCA Laniakea’s Fuller Conference Room at 1040 Richards St. in Honolulu. Cost to attend is $65. Contact Michael Sacharski for more information.

Jason Ubay covers tourism and finance for Pacific Business News.