SAVE THE DATE: The Business Of Exporting Large Presentation – “Managing Export Industry Costs: Where Are The Advantages?”

Posted on Dec 30, 2014 in Exporting, Helping Business, News

DBEDT & HPEC logosDATE: January 29, 2015

VENUE: Conference room of the new Maxey International Trade Resource Center at FTZ9

Guest speakers and a three-person panel will break out the costs of various export service providers Hawaii companies typically have to manage when exporting how to manage these costs to minimize impact on profitability

  • Seminar includes a tour of the FTZ and presentation on who should and who should not use an FTZ from both a functionality standpoint and cost consideration —- what critical mass does a company need to achieve to make using FTZ worthwhile, etc.
  • A major emphasis will be on air and sea shipping but also attention paid to other export industry service providers including brokers, consultants, distributors, legal and tax services, banking
  • Seminar includes the “economics” and “forensics” of air and sea containers (including a “container experience”) — does your product align cost-wise with the cost of the way products are shipped out of Hawaii?

Check back for finalized details!