Supplemental Environmental Projects

Posted on Nov 8, 2012 in News

The Community-Based Economic Development (CBED) Program administered the Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP) Fund of $637,500 to eleven (11) community-based, non-profit organizations to support environmental projects for the Leeward Coast of Oahu. 

The funding for this program, while not part of the CBED Revolving Fund, was part of a settlement agreement between the State of Hawaii, Department of Health, and Waste Management of Hawaii, Inc. and the City & County of Honolulu over issues concerning the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill.

Leeward Coast Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) Fund Awardees

A Leeward Coast Cool White Roof Paint Project (CSRP)

Nanakuli Elementary Schools (NES) Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

Award:  $90,000         Final Status:  Terminated
Grantee Partners:   Suzuki Industries               Funds Distributed:  $0

Project Description:  Nanakuli Elementary PTA, is painting 5 portable classrooms and cafeteria roofs white to reduce heat in the buildings.  Project to involve educating teachers and students through active participation in measurement of inside building temperatures and recording.

The Nanakuli Valley Cultural & Botanical Preserve Fencing Project

Kaala Farm, Inc.       

Award:  $23,000
Funds Distributed: $17,000    Final Status:  Did Not Complete Due To Wildfire Destruction of Property
Grantee Partners:  N/A  

Project Description:  Kaala Farm, Inc., is erecting a hog-wire fence around the Nanakuli Valley Cultural & Botanical Preserve.  This fencing project will help mitigate damage to archeological sites and the killing of new native plantings by feral pigs.

Environmental Education Experiences for Leeward, Oahu Children

The Hawaii Nature Center, Inc.

Award:  $40,000   Funds Distributed: $40,000  Final Status:  Project Completed

Grantee Partners: Partners in Development, DLNR, US Fish & Wildlife Services, Leeward School Systems, Kamehameha Schools, Halau Ku Mana Charter School, Malama Aina Foundation, Foster Family Association, Family Courts, DLNR.

Project Description: The Hawaii Nature Center, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to teaching the children of Hawaii about the unique island environment, while fostering an appreciation and understanding of the environment through an experiential learning model.   The Hawaii Nature Center, Inc has provided outdoor education curriculum to Hawaii students for 30 years; these outdoor science lessons greatly enhance indoor classroom experiences.  However public school teachers are oftentimes unable to secure funding from the DOE to participate in HNC’s programs.  Therefore funds are needed to subsidize the transportation and overhead costs of field trips for Title 1 school children, specifically on the Leeward Coast of Oahu.  Funds are estimated to benefit 100 groups of 60 students each (6000 students total), from the Kindergarten to the 6th grade.

Nani o Waianae Environmental Justice Project

Nani o Waianae   

Award:  $73,000  Funds Distributed:  $73,054.36   Final Status:  Project Completed

Grantee Partners: Concerned Elders of Waianae, KAHEA, American Friends Society, Waianae Environmental Justice Working Committee, Leeward Community College-Waianae Education Opportunities.

Project Description:  Illegal dumping is a problem that plagues Waianae, as rural communities are a convenient place for dumping waste.  This project will organize neighborhood community watch groups to regularly patrol “hot spot” areas and to act as a deterrent for this behavior, and to report any illegal dumping to the proper authorities.

Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps


Award:  $77,000 Funds Distributed: $77,000  Final Status: Project Completed

Grantee Partners: Gill-Olsen Partnership and the Waianae Mountain Watershed Partnership.
Project Description:  Projects include selection and training of Leeward Coast individuals to AmeriCorps internship positions, and work by interns on the Waianae Mountain Watershed Partnership.  The project will also create up to 12 positions for youth of Leeward, Oahu in the HYCC Summer Program.

Leeward Coast Carbon Reduction-CFL Exchange

Blue Planet Foundation          

Award:  $42,000      Funds Distributed: $42,000  Final Status: Project Completed

Grantee Partners: Ma’o Farms, CNHA, Ka’ala Farms, Boys & Girls Club, Nanakuli High School, Wai’anae High School, Hawaii Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Project Description: Residential lighting accounts for 8% of a home’s electricity consumption, therefore, the Blue Planet Foundation seeks to reduce the amount of electricity used for residential lighting, which will reduce greenhouse gases, while also providing economic benefit to residents on the Leeward Coast.  The Blue Planet Foundation will distribute 50,000 CFL light bulbs to schools and community organizations; organizations will be given 25 cents for each bulb that is exchanged, which will provide approximately $12,500 in funds to various schools and community organizations.  Blue Planet Foundation’s objectives are aligned with Hawaii’s Clean Energy Initiative, which seeks to decrease Hawaii’s energy dependency and increase the use of renewable indigenous energy resources. 

Kahumana Pollution Reduction

Alternative Structures International     

Award:  $60,000     Funds Distributed: $60,000  Final Status: Project Completed

Project Description: Alternative Structures International is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is comprised of two transitional homeless shelters that service families on the Wai’anae Coast: Ohana Ola O’ Kahumana, which provides 42 family units and Ulu Ke Kukui, which provides 78 family units.  In addition, Alternative Structures International has an organic & biodynamic farm & café, which provides job training for individuals.  As a response to the increased degradation of the environment, as well as increased operational costs, Alternative Structures International is seeking to improve their operational infrastructure by installing ‘green’ technologies, such as a state of the art solar voltaic panel system.  This will allow Alternative Structures International to reduce utility costs and therefore allocate funds to better serve their clientele.

Ka Lei Makamae O Waianae

Papahana Kuaola   

Award:  $37,000     Funds Distributed: $37,000  Final Status: Project Completed

Grantee Partners: Nankuli Elementary School, Nanaikapono Elementary School, Malama Learning Center, Hui Ku Maoli Ola Native Plant Nursery, Parks & Recreation Department of C & C of Honolulu.

Project Description: Papahana Kuaola is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has provided cultural and environmental community education programs since 2008. Papahana Kuaola’s objective is to increase the appreciation and stewardship of the water resources from Nanakuli to Ka’ena Point.  The goal is to create a watershed management and sustainable ecosystem plan from a Hawaiian perspective, while providing field trip instruction and restoration projects with the involvement of 19 teachers, 400 students (in the 4th & 5th grade) and 100 community members, by May 2011.  The Papahana Kuaola project aligns its goals with Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan, which highlights public/ private, cultural, historic, conservation education as one of the priorities.

The Oahu SPCA Environmental Protection of all Species Project

Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)         

Award: $20,000  Funds Distributed: $20,000      Final Status: Project Completed

Grantee Partners: DLNR, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Hawaii Audubon Society, Wild Bird Rehab Haven, Habitat for Humanity Leeward, Leeward School Systems, Citizens for Safe Hiking, the Hunt Development Group.

 Project Description: Construct the organization’s spayed and neuter clinic for residents of the Leeward Coast.

Launching the Hawaii Green Collar Institute (HGCI)

Malama Learning Center  

Award:  $69,000    Funds Distributed: $66,994.55   Final Status: Project Completed

Grantee Partners: Leeward Community College- Native Hawaiian Student Support Program, Environmental Protection Agency, Ka Papa o Kakuhihewa Fund.

Project Description: Malama Learning Center plans to launch the Hawaii Green Collar Institute in the fall of 2010, which will provide Leeward Oahu’s high school and college students with new career opportunities.

Funds will be used to refine two pilot programs which will mentor approximately 30 students, provide volunteer opportunities and create partnerships with local landowners and managers.  In addition students will be introduced to more than 10 “green” career paths, and approximately 15 students will benefit from a college credit course, which will be implemented and evaluated based on lessons learned during those initial pilot programs.

Recording the Attributes, Activities, Goals, and Success of Leeward Coast Supplemental Environmental Projects

Sea Hawaii Foundation          

Award:  $69,000   Funds Distributed: $60,000     Final Status:  Project Completed

Grantee Partners:  Waianae High School Searider Productions

Project Description:  SeaHawaii Foundation video-taping up to ten (10) funded environmental projects under the Leeward Coast Supplemental Environmental Projects Grant (LCSEPG).  SeaHawaii, in coordination with Waianae High School’s Searider Productions will produce 3-4 minute video segments to document and report the goals and attributes of each project funded by the LCSEPG.  Video to be distributed via DVD/CD and online to project managers and concerned government agencies.  The Contractor will also produce a 12-page website to document and report the goals and attributes of each project funded by the LCSEPG.  All projects videotaped will receive a DVD/CD along with a DVD/CD to concerned government agencies.