Vietnam Trade and Investment Delegation Visits Hawaii

Posted on Nov 14, 2013 in International Relations, News

Vietnam InvestmentDBEDT’s Business Development & Support Division, along with Bank of Hawaii, hosted a delegation from the Consulate General of Vietnam to discuss trade and investment opportunities between Vietnam and Hawaii. Pictured from left to right are Betty Brow, Executive VP of Bankoh and President of the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce; Richard Lim, Director of DBEDT; Hanh Tran, Deputy Consul General; and Mr Giang Tung, Consul for Investment.



Investment OpportunitiesAlso in the delegation were Mr. Hoang Kim Son, Consul for Trade, and Ms. Mai Cao, Consul for Bilateral Relations. As part of the Consulate’s visit, Bankoh sponsored a breakfast information session where delegation members presented an overview of the Vietnam economy, import/export opportunities and the investment environment in Vietnam.

Since the U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement took effect in December 2001, U.S. exports to Vietnam have increased by almost 700 percent. Some Hawaii companies are already capitalizing on this fast growing market with Hawaii produced goods and services. Key opportunity areas in Vietnam for Hawaii companies include environmental technology, high-tech and biotech and a wide range of professional services. In addition to DBEDT, the Vietnamese-American Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii has been instrumental in working with the Consulate General of Vietnam to arrange this important visit to Hawaii. According to the U.S. Commercial Service in Vietnam , “The Vietnam market represents the next great opportunity for all types of American companies.”

Vietnam eventRead more about what was discussed in the first presentation (PDF) and second presentation (PDF).