Dual Use Technology Task Force

The Dual Use Technology Task Force is chartered to diversify the Hawaii economy by growing and strengthening the Dual Use sector. The Task Force was formally convened in 2021 pursuant to Act 121, Session Laws of Hawaii 2021. The Task Force is comprised of representatives across State Government, Industry, and Academia. The mission of the Task Force is to develop a roadmap to build a tangible, enduring asset that will meaningfully grow the Dual Use sector. The Task Force will solicit inputs from the Hawaii Dual Use sector which includes Federal and State Government stakeholders, Academia, and Industry members across the state. A total of 8 facilitated meetings will be convened in 2021 and 2022 to build the roadmap.

Task Force Meetings

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Materials

February 23, 2022Meeting AgendaMeeting MinutesMeeting Materials
December 16, 2021Meeting AgendaMeeting MinutesMeeting Materials

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