Join Makuake’s Exclusive Made In Hawaiʻi Portal

DBEDT is very pleased to partner with Makuake to increase the sales of unique Made in Hawaiʻi products to Japanese consumers.

Hawaiʻi companies will be able to promote and sell to high end Japanese consumers through the new Made In Hawaiʻi portal web page that Makuake is creating.

Makuake’s leading Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) channel provides the following benefits:

  1. ACCESS: leverage the Makuake platform to attract Japanese customers with purchasing power to support your products and brand.
  2. PRE-SALES: use pre-sales of your products before fulfillment to help you finance your export sales.
  3. PRODUCT VALIDATION: gather customer feedback through promotion and sales on Makuake before major export activities in the Japanese market to assess the risk and opportunities.
  4. DTC: deepen customer engagement through the Direct To Consumer model that allows connecting with Japanese consumers to promote repeat sales, cross-selling and up-selling.

Please view the below webinars for detailed background on Makuake – how it works, how you benefit, and how you can get started.

#1: Selling Through Makuake: Internationalization to Japan

  • Gain an overall introduction to Makuake’s platform by KC Tokumori, Global Strategist
  • Understand the advantages and benefits for Hawaiʻi businesses
  • Learn how to work with Japanese agencies to manage customer service, promotion

#2: Makuake Introduction: Accelerate Your Japan Product Launch

  • Learn the basics of the Makuake platform: how to apply and gain support to promote and sell your unique products

#3: Makuake Case Study: How Other Companies Launch in Japan

  • Gain insights from companies previously selling on Makuake

Interested companies should register for HiSTEP and email and