Hankyu Hawaii Fair

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About the Hankyu Hawaii Fair

The annual Hankyu Hawaiʻi Fair is presented by DBEDT in partnership with the Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores, one of Japan’s leading chains, to showcase authentic Hawaiʻi brands.

The six-day fair in July is conducted at Hankyu’s main department store in Umeda, Osaka, where Hawaiʻi companies can promote and sell their products to more than 130,000 Japanese consumers. This Fair is the best opportunity for Hawaiʻi companies seeking to sell in the Japanese market, as well as to increase brand awareness and strengthen consumer engagement.

If you would like to be considered for the 2024 Hankyu Hawaiʻi Fair in July 2024, please fill out this form, and you will be contacted by email for next steps.


Successful Selling in the Japanese Markets

On October 17, 2023, representatives from the Hankyu Hawaiʻi Fair organizing team presented their annual webinar on Successful Selling in the Japanese Market. The Hankyu Hawaiʻi Fair is held annually in July at the Umeda Main Department Store has become an integral part of DBEDT’s HiSTEP export development program.

Yuichi Hashimoto, General Manager of the Marketing Department spoke about the World Fair series of events that attracts thousands of consumers to the Umeda Main Department Store each month, and how the Hawaiʻi Fair has quickly grown to become one of Hankyu’s most popular events. He also shared updates on the new program, Hawaiʻi Life, which attracts customers through their Instagram channel to shop online, at Umeda, and at other department stores outside of Osaka.

Akiko Sakai, Manager of the Hankyu Hawaiʻi Fair, explained the post-COVID consumer trends and updates for the upcoming 2024 Fair.

You can download the presentation decks here: English and Japanese

The following are video recaps of the event:

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Japanese Language

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