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eCommerce Innovation Lab:

The U.S. Commercial Service offers companies a full range of expertise in international trade. This page lists the presentation series on E-Commerce best practices provided by the eCommerce Innovation Lab.

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PART 1:  Five Steps to Digital Strategy

This presentation outlines five steps to develop your digital strategy to grow your business via e-commerce.

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PART 2: Cross Border E-Commerce: Overcome Digital Roadblocks 

This presentation explains challenges for your E-Commerce business in the EU and solutions to overcome.

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PART 3: eCommerce Channel Mix

Choosing the right eCommerce sales channel mix depends on understanding the online purchasing habits in your target market.

NOTE: we apologize for the video recording not displaying correctly. You are still able to listen to the audio via Youtube, so please be sure to download the Part 3 eCommerce Channel Mix Presentation Deck (PDF) to follow along.

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HiSTEP Seminars:

View the videos of past seminars here to learn about E-Commerce solutions for Japan and China.

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HiSTEP E-Commerce Resource List:

Review the companies listed here for support in growing your e-commerce capabilities. NOTE: this list is compiled as a service for Hawaii exporters, but listing here does not mean a recommendation by HiSTEP. You should thoroughly conduct due diligence before hiring any of these businesses.

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